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G-STAR Terms & Conditions

  • Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully.

Article 1: Defined Terms
(a) ‘Exhibitor’ means a person, company, association or organization that applied for exhibit space and/or stand packagewith participation fee.
(b) ‘Exhibition’ means ‘G-STAR 2017 (Game Show & Trade, All-Round)’.
(c) ‘Organizer’ means ‘‘Korea Association of Game Industry (K-GAMES)’

Article 2: Contract
When the exhibitor submits this contract and full payment of participation fee to the organizer, this contract between the exhibitor and the organizer will be deemed to be in effect.
(a) Full payment must be made within 15 days of the invoice issued.
(b) The organizer may cancel the exhibitor's participation if the payment is not received in full within the due date. If you notify us in advance, we will hold your application until a final confirmation is received.)
(c) All charges and taxes(i.e. remittance charge) belong to exhibitors and 100% of the amount stated on the invoice should be transferred to the organizer.
(d) Early applicant shall pay the fee in full within the period of early application, the application is automatically changed to the normal application when payment delays.

Article 3: Assignment of Exhibit Space
The organizer reserves the right to assign the exhibit space in accordance with the date order of the application submission, contracted size, exhibit category in its sole discretion.

Article 4: Construction & Dismantlement
Construction and dismantlement of the exhibit space should be completed by the deadline set forth by the organizer. Exhibitors shall be liable for any loss caused by the delay of construction or dismantlement. (Please, refer to the Exhibitors’ service manual for terms of the violation)

Article 5: Liability & Insurance
(a) The exhibitor can be insured for all during the exhibition period and dismantling and installation materials and exhibits, safety of people.
(b) The organizer, to protect the exhibitors’ rights and interests, shall provide security service. However, the organizer is not responsible for the loss, disappearance or theft of any goods, materials at the exhibition site.

Article 6: Exhibit Standards
The organizer shall have the right to prohibit any exhibit or part of an exhibit, which in their opinion is not suitable or in keeping with the character, or purpose of the Exhibition.

Article 7: Cancellation or Reduction of Space
(a) When Exhibitor cancel the exhibition, 50% of the participation fee will be charged as a penalty until September 28 and 100% of the participation fee will be charged from September 29.
(b) When a large scale booth(referring to 40 or more booths at BTC event, 20 or more booths at BTB event) that have participated in location raffle wishes to cancel the participation or downsize the booth scale, full participation fee will be charged as penalty and no amount of participation fee will be refunded.
(c) The processing fee is deducted the appropriate damages to the VAT Act.
(d) Not received a written cancellation and downsizing participated will not be accepted, participation is subject to the formal cancellation and downsizing participated in writing receipt date.

Article 8: Annulment
When exhibitors do not pay the fee until after the fee payment requests extend the period, organizers may terminate registration without notice.

Article 9: Use of Exhibit Space
(a) The booth must be maintained by at least one company representative at all times during the exposition’s hours of operations.
(b) All exhibitions and activities are to be done within the contracted booth space, In accordance with the provisions relating to the crisis like fire situation in the passage of exhibition space activities are not permitted.
(c) Sound must be maintained at a level that is not disruptive to neighboring exhibitors. If complaints are received, the offending exhibitor will be required to cease the objectionable activity. (Please refer to the Exhibitors’ service manual for sound policy)
(d) Lighter than air filled (i.e. helium) items are forbidden on the exhibition site.
(e) If the risk of other exhibits or deemed harmful, organizer may request the demolition or dismantling of the exhibits at random.

Article 10: Regulations on the Copyrighted Materials
(a) For commercial purposes of any exhibitions, performances, events sales, distribution, etc. it is prohibited demonstration at the exhibition to be taken, recording of video and sound.
(b) Copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secrets related to the violation of such rights and the infringement, the exhibitor applied to have the all the legal obligations imposed such parties and agents, for any loss or claims and litigation and the costs incurred by the employee.

Article 11: Force majeure
Upon the occurrence of any of the following events including fire, accident, riot, flood, earthquake, storm, terrorist activities, war or Act of God, the organizer can postpone or cancel the exhibition. In this case, the organizer has no responsibility for reparation.

Article 12: Amendments to Regulations
Organizers can issue supplementary regulations to promote the development of the exhibition about not specified article in the participation regulations.
Supplements have the same effect as participation provisions and the exhibitor shall comply with the provisions of BEXCO.

Article 13: Settlement of Disputes
About the rules on participation, Disputes relating to the rights and obligations between the parties that occur between the organizer and exhibitors comply with arbitral award of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. And it is impossible to sue a court for its decision.
I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms, conditions and regulations set forth in G-STAR 2017.

I agree with all of the terms contained in the box above.

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Date of Application: 2017/ 09/ 25

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※ Please submit after filling in the online registration form

※ After submission, the Secretariat will confirm your application detail (takes 1 day approximately) and then the invoice can be printed.

※ Please transfer 100% of participation fee to the bank account written on the invoice by payment deadline.

※ You can temporarily save and modify in a preparation phase, but you can not be modified after submission.
Please carefully fill out and submit.